Bhavin provides private courses for dentists wishing to up skill in endodontics. Details can be found below:

EndoArt 10 day programme

A 10-day programme delivered by two GDC registered specialists, delivering tailored teaching to small groups in a state-of-the-art teaching facility. The course is hands-on and clinically focused and offers unbiased and contemporary teaching in endodontics.

  • Pulp biology, pathology, endodontic assessment, diagnosis & access cavities
  • Canal location, negotiation, hand and mechanical (rotary and reciprocating) preparation & cracked teeth
  • Obturation – working length, cold and warm gutta percha, carriers and bioceramics
  • Restoration of the root filled tooth – posts and core build-ups
  • Coronal disassembly & orthograde root canal retreatment – crown and post removal and removal of canal contents
  • Management of mishaps (fractured files & perforations) and endodontic troubleshooting
  • Endodontic decision making, treatment planning & problem solving and live patient treatment demonstration
  • Skills consolidation, clinical case discussion & free hands-on sessions

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Endodontics Masterclass

This course is aimed at General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) who wish to become more proficient at their Endo by gaining more advanced skills and competencies which they will be taught at this 3 Day Masterclass.

The 3-day programme includes:

Day 1:

  • Perfecting access cavity preparation
  • Root canal instrumentation hands-on: rotary and reciprocating instrumentation
  • Contemporary endodontic techniques : Irrigation

Day 2:

  • Contemporary obturation techniques
  • Root canal retreatment: case selection and principles of treatment
  • Root canal retreatment: hands on

Day 3:

  • Root canal retreatment: Practical tips to managing clinical problems
  • Endodontic treatment and retreatment hands-on
  • Treatment planning in relation to endodontics

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